Motivation - compliance (need to comply with CSU-Degree), HoS requests (need more research), PerfMgt (need higher student evaluations, need to show that are being innovative).

The Faculty of Design course team is getting together to discuss blended and flexible learning. They've looked at the student evaluations and found that while in most areas they are doing OK, in the areas of offering guidance, giving feedback and setting appropriate workload levels they were falling below the '5' line.


Through informal feedback, students have commented that they are finding their learning experiences to be inconsistent between subjects. In some areas, the academic is highly motivated in the area of ICT and doing some amazing things. Some students love that, while others find it quite challenging as they don't feel prepared for it through their earlier subjects. In other areas, students are getting little use of ICTs, and they are comparing between subjects. That makes some academics feel great, but the ones who are compared negatively feel not so great. THere's pressure for them to change, but some don't feel equipped to change, while others feel that teh inclusion of ICTs is unnecessary in their subject adn that it is just 'following the latest trend' rather than focussing on good teaching. Another issue is that when students leave the university, due to their inconsistent experience, they are commenting that htey don't feel they have been well enough prepared to work in a digital world. They have skills in social media, but these are largely from tehir own personal use and teh skills don't always translate to using technology for professional purposes.

What advice do you give the course team?

[NEED TO BRING 5 DIFFERENT 'PROBLEMS' INTO THIS INITIAL SCENARIO. IE The home page scenario is one about inconsistent subject experiences. Leading into a course strategy. Pedagogy is about students and staff wanting the subjects to be more engaging. Interactions is about responding to evaluations that request more guidance and feedback. Learning spaces is about wanting more equivalence between cohort experiences. ICTs is about using ICTs appropriately, ensuring that students experience different technologies and not all the same one and that everyone isn't just jumping on teh bandwagon of the next best thing. Multiliteracies is about concern that students are developing literacy skills for the 21st century. These scenarios should be followed with choices and asking the team to justify their decisions. This will especially bring out the appropriateness of using the technology]