FLI would like to thank all those who are helping to inform the development of this site. The site was conceptualised and developed by Carole Hunter. Where possible, we have tried to acknowledge the contributions of others on specific wiki pages, but where we have failed to do so, please know that your contributions are VERY much appreciated (and please let us know so that we can add them!). It's through working together in this way that CSU will continue to develop integrated strategies that 'fit together' and make sense to all.

In particular, we'd like to acknowledge that the five perspectives approach used on this site was based on the work of Mike Keppell's original cube diagram that described five ways in which academics could view their own professional development in blended and flexible learning through an Aspirational Framework. This framework formed part of the Blended and Flexible Learning Standards proposed to CSU's Senate in 2011.

Photo credits

We'd like to specifically like to thank Amy Felke, Marketing Communications, for her help in locating images of CSU students for this site from the CSU marketing database. All photos have been used under creative commons licence, or by permission.

Overview page
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Areas of specific focus
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Support options
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Benefits and challenges
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Developing a strategy
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DVD and other video credits

The Flexible Learning Institute (FLI) would like to thank FLI staff and our Teaching Fellows for the generous sharing of their time, ideas and wisdom in the making of the 'Exploring good practice in blended and flexible learning' video.
  • Interviewers: Mike Keppell and Carole Hunter
  • Interviewees: Mike Keppell, Merilyn Childs, Yann Guisard, Jenny Sappey, Chris Bushell, Brad Edlington, Lyn Hay, Lucy Webster, Jacquie Tinkler, Richard Taffe and John Rafferty
  • Filming and editing: James Childs-Maidment
  • Project coordination, design and editing assistance: Carole Hunter

FLI would also like to acknowledge the still photographers whose work has been licensed for use in the video, including: