The 'Exploring good practice in BFL' video

Exploring good practice in blended and flexible learning at CSU: The Practitioner's voice is a video designed as an introduction for course teams starting to develop their course BFL strategy. It looks at BFL from the perspectives of FLI staff and Teaching Fellows, and introduces teams to the proposed principles for good practice in BFL and the perspectives approach being suggested by FLI.
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A snapshot from the Exploring good Practice in BFL DVD, which introduces the principles and perspectives approach outlined in this site. It includes interviews with 9 FLI Teaching Fellows, who have been exploring different aspects of Blended and Flexible Learning through the Fellowship Projects.

The video is currently being piloted with three course teams through the BFL Course Symposium Team Grants. Following feedback, it will be revised and shared with the wider CSU community in DVD format. For more information, or to request a copy of the DVD, please contact FLI