Portfolio examples

People create different kinds of portfolios to suit different needs. What needs are these portfolios serving? Is interaction with others possible (e.g. through comments)? Is it designed to be static, or dynamic (showing your participation in social media conversations)?

Resume portfolios

Paul Watkins The skeletons of a portfolio. Bare bones only - hard to get a sense of Paul Watkins' professional identity from this.

Portfolios as a set of web pages

Heather Henricks

Dave Cameron Showcase portfolio created using Dreamweaver for a CSU postgraduate course.

Jenny Munday Showcase portfolio created using iWeb, an easy-to-use website development program for Macs.

Portfolios using Pebblepad

Trisha Poole Developed to demonstrate pedagogical leadership. More PebblePad portfolios here.

Portfolios using social media

Helen Barrett has created ePortfolios in a range of Web2.0 tools. On her ePortfolio website, you'll find links to her portfolio created using some standard, freely available tools such as blogs, wikis and Googledocs, along with links to the tools themselves and instructions on how to create them.

Sacha Chua Sacha sites her blog-based portfolio as the reason she now has her fab job. It's a total documentation of her work.

Vicki Davis A blog-based portfolio, created using blogger.

Michele Martin A wiki-based portfolio, created using wikispaces.