Evaluating your strategy's effectiveness

piri.jpgOne of the foundation principles referred to earlier in this site is continuous improvement. When FLI interviewed recent Teaching Fellows about the lessons they learned from their BFL explorations, one of the most common responses was the need to acknowledge that you'll rarely 'get it right' the first time, and improvements often take a few iterations to have everything in place the way you want it.

Clearly, then it's important to plan for continuous improvement - don't expect to make radical changes all in one go, but start with a vision that you can work incrementally towards, bit by bit, making adaptions based on evaluation measures you put in place to judge the effectiveness of the various strategies already deployed.

These questions, suggested by Garrison and Vaughn (2008, p.179) are a good starting point for including an evaluation component in your BFL strategy.

  • What kind of assessments and data collection can you plan in order to effectively evaluate your BFL strategy and inform efforts to improve the course in future offerings? You might include, for example:
  • What measures will you and your course team take to ensure that the continuation and improvement of the course?
  • How will you share what you learn with others in your School/Faculty or wider?

After you've deliberated on these questions in your course team, add your plan into your BFL strategy - and make sure you carry it through!