How to use this site

This page is designed to help you find some quick answers on how to contribute to this site.

What's a wiki?

A wiki is a website that allows users to add and update content on the site using their own Web browser. This Youtube video from CommonCraft is a great introduction to the concept behind wikis for those new to this area.

Read vs read-write

Wikis allow a move from a static read-write site, which is basically a knowledge dump, to a read-write site where you are invited to contribute. Of course, we want to manage that, so that the site retains a clear structure and message without quickly disintegrating into chaos. So we've designed a few different ways for you to contribute, and protected the site so that only those with membership are able to contribute in core areas.

Ways to contribute

There are many ways you can contribute to this site, depending on the kind of contribution you'd like to make.
If you'd like to offer comments, ideas or concerns, please use the 'discussion' tab at the top of each page.This works in a similar way to any discussion forum. Anyone, either within CSU or external to CSU, can contribute in this way.

Add to the 'edit me' boxes
At various places throughout this wiki, spaces have been created for contributions specifically from the CSU community.


These spaces have been created to allow the CSU community to contribute ideas, concerns, case studies, and strategies to this site. Why? Because the CSU community are directly involved in creating, supporting and experiencing blended and flexible learning, and have a strong voice that needs to be listened to. There are some amazing things happening within this university, more than any one small team can manage to record and gather so that we can all benefit. So this approach allows you to contribute directly, but cutting out the middle man.

Remember that to add to these 'edit me' boxes, you'll need to request membership to the wiki. Why? So that we can limit contributions to those from the CSU community. External colleagues can still contribute, though not to these core pages. They will need to contribute through the discussion pages. If you have having trouble requesting membership, please contact FLI.
Case studies and thought pieces
If you have case studies or thought pieces that you'd like to contribute, please contact FLI We'll offer you a guest contribution to our BFL blog, and provide a link/s to it in the relevant pages of the core wiki site.

How to edit a page

The following help site should have all you'll need to edit a page*.

How to edit a page

*Please note that some core pages have been locked and are unable to be edited.